Port of Tallinn has launched its IPO

The Estonian state-owned port company AS Tallinna Sadam (Port of Tallinn) has launched its initial public offering of the shares with subsequent listing on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.

Port of Tallinn is the largest port authority in Estonia, and considering both cargo and passenger traffic, also the largest port in the Baltics. Port of Tallinn operates as a landlord type of port with no cargo handling operations of its own.

Group’s revenues in 2017 amounted to EUR 121.3 million and adjusted EBITDA to EUR 66.5 million, with 19.2 million tonnes of cargo handled and 10.6 million passengers served at its harbours.

Port of Tallinn’s landmark IPO represents the largest Baltic IPO over the last decade and ranks among the top 5 IPOs ever launched in the Baltic states.

Superia Corporate Finance, in partnership with STJ Advisors is acting as financial adviser to the Company.

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