Acquisition of UAB Dizaja and UAB Statinių Priežiūra

AB Civinity, jointly with UAB "Partnerystės Projektai P", a company controlled by Mr.Domas Dargis, have acquired 100% of UAB Dizaja, a company providing engineering systems solutions, and UAB Statinių Priežiūra, which provides facility management services to owners of commercial buildings. 

AB Civinity is a facility management group consisting of companies in Lithuania  - ‘Senamiesčio ūkis’, ‘Ozo miestas’, ‘Būsto valda’, ‘Debreceno valda’, ‘Vitės valdos’, ‘Klaipėdos bendrabutis’, ‘Palangos butų ūkis’, ‘Kretingos būstas’ and Latvia - AS ‘Hausmaster’, SIA ‘CS Komercserviss’, SIA ‘Home Master’, SIA ‘Labo namu agentūra’ and SIA ‘Jūrmalas Naimsaimnieks’. In total, the group manages over 5,7m square metres of residential and 1,15m square metres of commercial premises. Its total number of employees is approximately 2000.

Superia Corporate Finance acted as financial advisers to the acquirers in this transaction.

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